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Mains Plugs & Adaptors

Mains Plugs & Adaptors

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45W USB Type-C Mains Power Adaptor with Power Delivery
45W USB Type-C Mains Power Adaptor with Power Delivery.
RRP: $59.95
Dual USB Mains Adapter with Single Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 3.0
RRP: $39.95
12V Mini Blender
Make food preparation easier while travelling.
RRP: $39.95
12V Blue LED Bung Light with Base
Underwater lighting without cutting extra holes.
RRP: $44.95
NGK BPR6HS Spark Plug
Spare Parts for Outboard Motors

Spark Plug to suit
BPR6HS NGK Spark Plugs
RRP: $5.95
Clip Over USB Wallplate
RRP: $19.95
International Mains Travel Adaptor 3 Pack
For USA, Europe, and UK style outlets
RRP: $24.95
IP44 Mains Plug and Socket Protector
Protect the mains plug and socket from the weather.
RRP: $9.95
3A Quick Charge 3.0™ USB Mains Power Adaptor
Charge up to 4-times faster than a standard charger!
RRP: $29.95
240V Mains Line Power Socket 15A
15 amp Australian / New Zealand 3 pin mains socket
RRP: $8.95
240V Line Mains Power Plug 15A
15 amp Australian / New Zealand 3 pin mains plug
RRP: $4.95
Portable RCD with 4 X 15A Sockets to 15A Mains Plug
15A Australian approved plug, and 30mA max RCBO protection.
RRP: $99.95
Outlet Suitable for MS6148 or MS6147
Extra mains outlet to control more power
RRP: $9.95
Double GPO with 2 x USB Charging ports
Reduce the amount of USB power supplies that clutter your power outlets.
RRP: $29.95
4 Port USB Mains Power Adaptor
This slimline 4.8A mains power adaptor allows you to charge four USB devices from one power socket
RRP: $29.95
Power Bank USB Mains Power Adaptor
This 2-in-1 power bank combines a wall charger and portable power bank into one convenient device
RRP: $14.95
USB Wallplate 240V GPO with 4 x 3.15A USB Sockets
This hardwired USB adaptor will fit into a standard GPO wall plate base and give 4 USB power sockets with a total of 3.1 amps.
RRP: $24.95
Mains Single Architrave Light Switch
Single architrave light switch suited for door frames or where space is a premium.
RRP: $3.95
Wi-Fi Controlled Mains Power Socket with App
A Wi-Fi controlled smart socket which allows you to control household appliances remotely with the use of an smartphone app.
RRP: $29.95
3pin USA Plug to IEC C13 Female - 1.8m
3 x 18AWG (41 x 34 strands) cable rated at 250/300V @ 10 amps.
• Temperature rated at 60°C and approved to UL817, CSA C.22.3 N.42, JIS C3306, ...
RRP: $15.95
3pin Mains Plug to IEC C5 (clover leaf) - 1.8m
3 pin clover type to 240V plug
• 1.8 metres long
• Earthed
• SAA approved ...
RRP: $6.95
3pin Mains Plug to Bare Wires - 1.8m

• Latest models with insulated pins.3 pin 240V AC plug with 1.8 metres of 3 core cable to bare ends with lug on earth. 7.5A. ...
RRP: $5.95
IEC C14 Male to IEC C13 Female - 1.8m

• 1.8 metres long
• Earthed
• SAA aproved ...
RRP: $8.95
3pin Mains Plug to IEC C14 Right Angle Female - 1.8m

• 1.8 metres long
• Earthed
• SAA approved ...
RRP: $9.95
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