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Alarms & Sensors

Alarms & Sensors

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8 Zone Wireless Alarm Kit
Wireless connectivity, so there’s no messy cables to run.
RRP: $129.00
IR Adjustable Proximity Sensor
An easy to use IR proximity sensor in adjustable threaded package for straightforward mounting.
RRP: $16.95
Wireless PIR to suit LA-5280/90
Immune to pets moving on the floor.
RRP: $39.95
Wireless Window & Door Sensor to suit LA-5280/82/84/90
Any number of sensors can be added.
RRP: $32.95
Mini Wireless Alarm Kit
No messy cables to run!
RRP: $89.95
Personal Alarm Keyring
Inconspicuous and easy to use.
RRP: $12.95
100DB Red Mini Personal Alarm With Torch
Pull the keychain to activate the powerful 100dB alarm.
RRP: $9.95
Temperature Sensor for LA-5610 Wi-Fi Alarm
Monitors temperature, with a huge array of applications.
RRP: $79.95
Shock Sensor to suit LA-5610 Wi-Fi Alarm
Triggered by shock and vibration.
RRP: $69.95
Garage Door Sensor to suit LA-5610 Wi-Fi Alarm
Easily mounts onto a garage door.
RRP: $69.95
Flood Sensor to suit LA-5610 Wi-Fi Alarm
Monitoring potential flood areas.
RRP: $69.95
Window & Door Entry Alarm - Twin Pack
Self-contained audible alarm.
RRP: $19.95
Window & Door Entry Alarm
Self-contained audible alarm.
RRP: $14.95
Wireless External Siren to suit LA-5610 Wi-Fi Alarm
Wireless external siren strobe to suit LA-5610
RRP: $99.95
Telephone Extension Ringer
Telephone extension ringer to increase the volume of your landline phone.
RRP: $29.95
Ceiling Mount Alarm with Remote Control
Can be used as a simple entry chime, or as a self contained alarm system.
RRP: $39.95
Spare Wireless Key Fob Remote for LA-5610 Wi-Fi Alarm
Compact remote control for the Wi-Fi Alarm. This 5 buttons remote features 3 modes and a socket function to turn the home appliance ON and OFF.
RRP: $29.95
Spare Wireless Reed Switch for LA-5610 Wi-Fi Alarm
Will alert the wireless home alarm when a door or window is opened. Ideal to use on windows and doors of your garages, cabinets, sheds, attics, side doors and freezers.
RRP: $29.95
Spare Wireless PIR Sensor for LA-5610 Wi-Fi Alarm
This Spare Wireless PIR Sensor features power-saving with 3 minutes motion lockout after each detection to preserve battery life as well as 120 degree wide angle detection and low battery warning.
RRP: $39.95
100 Zone Wi-Fi Alarm Kit with App
This 100 Zone Wi-Fi and cloud control Alarm system is very easy to install, and can be controlled easily via the touch screen, using a wireless key-fob or by your Smartphone.
RRP: $299.00
Solar Rechargeable Sensor Spot Lights
An all-in-one light, which turns on automatically at night when the built-in PIR detects movement. Set the light to illuminate for a short duration or continuously until manually turned off.
RRP: $44.95
8 Zone Wireless Alarm Kit with Remote Control
A high quality home alarm with user-friendly features.
RRP: $99.95
Wireless PIR Solar Light Sensor to suit LA-5592 Home Automation Controller
Automated light triggering is a simple yet effective security feature for homes. This kit comes with an extremely bright LED attached to a wall or roof mountable PIR sensor.
RRP: $99.95
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