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Portable 5.8GHz Wireless 1080p HDMI AV Sender
Connect your HDMI device without wires!

• Up to 1080p video resolution with less then 200ms Latency
• 15 meters transmission sight distance
• Power Consumption at 5VDC is up to 500mA(Max)
RRP: $229.00
5.8GHz HDMI 1080p Wireless AV Sender
Includes a transmitter and receiver unit

• 1080p Full HD
• IR Extender
• 30m Range
RRP: $279.00
5.8GHz Wireless HDMI 1080P portable Sender/Receiver
Perfect for travelling presentations, lecturing, or even home streaming from your laptop.
RRP: $199.00
Spare Receiver to suit AR-1913 Wireless AV Sender
Spare receiver for AR1913 AV Sender. Will allow reception of your video signal in several locations simultaneously.
RRP: $64.95
Wireless Digital Audio Sender
This 2.4GHz digital audio sender uses a 34 channel frequency hopping transmission so you get seamless crystal clear audio.
RRP: $49.00
5.8GHz Wireless AV Sender/Receiver with Wideband IR Extender
This latest AV sender will allow you to send your pay TV reception (or any other video source) to any part of the house.
RRP: $99.95
Bidirectional IR Extender over Cat5e - 100m
Control AV equipment remotely from either the source or receiver that are up to 100m apart.
RRP: $69.95
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 Results Sort by 1