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Elektor Python 3 Programming and GUIs 2nd Edition
Elektor Programming Guide
• Programming in Python 3 and GUIs
• Interfacing with Various Platform like Raspberry PI, Arduino & PIC Micro-Controllers
• Programming Examples available for Download
RRP: $59.95
The Ferry Adventure of Tutu and Tops
This book is designed for 3 - 8 years olds who may be your grandchildren.
RRP: $19.95
Unbranded Wholesale Catalogue 2017
Catalogue of unbranded items.
RRP: $9.95
C Programming for Arduino Book
Learn to program from the very first chapter!
RRP: $69.95
DIYODE Monthly Magazine - Reseller Ordering
DIYODE magazine straight off the printing press
RRP: $9.95
This Book Isn`t Safe - Colin Furze
A book for kids that will help them be confident with tools and materials.
RRP: $29.95
Raspberry Pi Projects for Evil Genius
Create all kinds of entertaining and practical gadgets.
RRP: $49.95
Programming the Raspberry Pi - Book
A great way to get to know the hardware on the Pi.
RRP: $29.95
Mastering Microcontrollers Helped By Arduino
In this book theory is put into practice on an Arduino board using the Arduino programming environment.
RRP: $79.95
Arduino Circuit and Projects Guide
This book is aimed at those who have already had some basic experience in electronics.
RRP: $69.95
Arduino Workshop Book - 65 Projects
The book is very hands-on, describing 65 projects you can make.
RRP: $44.95
Arduino Robot Bonanza Book
This book guides you through a series of 7 Arduino based robots that roll, walk, slither and even sling insults at you
• Step-by-step guides for each project
• Ideal for beginner and intermediate skill levels
RRP: $49.95
Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius
Once again, not particularly evil, but another project oriented book written around Android-type mobile phones and the Arduino microcontroller. You ca...
RRP: $44.95
30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius
This is a practical project oriented book describing lots of projects based around the Arduino microcontroller. Be warned, there is nothing intrinsica...
RRP: $44.95
Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches
This entry level book explains what an Arduino microcontroller actually is (i.e. a very small stand alone computer), introduces you to the Arduino pro...
RRP: $24.95
Wireless at War Book
The existence of electromagnetic radiation was first demonstrated in 1885 by Heinrich Hertz. After 1900 the potential advantages of wireless technolog...
RRP: $29.95
Book - Programming & Customising the PIC Microcontroller
Tap into the latest advances in PIC technology with the fully revamped third edition of this brilliant book. Certainly the definitive text on the subj...
RRP: $99.00
How to Test Almost Everything Electronic
Electronics is a unique science - everything that's going on has to be deduced from visible symptoms and effects with very little that is actually...
RRP: $49.95
Practical Arduino
Create your own Arduino-based designs, gain an in-depth knowledge of the architecture of Arduino, and learn the easy-to-use Arduino language all in th...
RRP: $54.95
Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics
Comprehensive, straightforward and well-written, this book covers everything from atomic structure to DC and AC theory, semiconductors, integrated cir...
RRP: $64.95
Electronics Demystified
Part of the popular Demystified series, this book teaches you electronics theory, it does not include projects. If you have enjoyed the Short Circuits...
RRP: $39.95
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