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Keysight Technologies U1604B Handheld Oscilloscope
NOW $2200.00 EA

2 Channels, 40MHz, CATIII, 300V, 6,000 Count.
RRP: $2,511.00
ISP Programmer for Arduino and AVR
Unbrick, install or update Arduino-compatible boards.
RRP: $14.95
Arduino Compatible 9G Micro Servo Motor
Micro servo motor, perfect for use with XC4618 Pan and Tilt bracket. Small enough to connect directly to an Arduino Board for experimenting.
RRP: $9.92
Arduino Compatible 128x64 Dot Matrix LCD Display Module
A larger display than XC4616, with cool white on blue graphics. Similar to the character LCD’s with inbuilt character ROM, but the flexibility to show graphics as well.
RRP: $29.95
Linker Path Tracking Sensor Module for Arduino
This sensor module uses a reflective infrared sensor.
RRP: $9.95
Linker Flame Sensor Module For Arduino
Flame sensor module of Linker kit is only sensitive to the light in the frequency band of infrared and ultrviolet.
RRP: $10.95
Linker Vibration Sensor Module for Arduino
This vibration sensor module of Linker Kit uses a spring based sensor.
RRP: $9.95
Linker RTC Module for Arduino
A real-time clock module.
RRP: $19.95
Linker Infrared Receiver Module for Arduino
The Linker Infrared Receiver Module is used to receive infrared signals and also used for remote control detection.
RRP: $9.95
Linker Sound Sensor for Arduino
The Sound sensor module is a simple microphone.
RRP: $14.95
Linker Magnetic Switch Module for Arduino
This is a magnetic switch module with Linker kit standard connection.
RRP: $9.95
Linker Buzzer Module for Arduino
This buzzer module will generate around the audible 2kHz range.
RRP: $5.95
Linker Slide Potentiometer Module for Arduino
The slide potentiometer is a linear variable resistor with a total resistance of 10k.
RRP: $15.95
Linker Rotary Potentiometer Module for Arduino
The Linker Rotary Potentiometer Module produces analog output between 0 and Vcc (5V DC with Arduino) on its D1 connector.
RRP: $6.95
Linker Hall Sensor for Arduino
This hall module hosts an magnetic hall sensor that senses the presence of magnetic field.
RRP: $14.95
Linker Temperature Module For Arduino
The Linker Temperature Module uses a Thermistor to detect the ambient temperature.
RRP: $6.95
Linker Tilt Module for Arduino
Inside the tilt switch is a pair of balls that make contact with the pins when the case is upright.
RRP: $4.95
Linker light sensor for Arduino
The light sensor, also known as the light dependent resistor (LDR)
RRP: $6.95
Linker Double Button Module for Arduino
Two momentary push buttons mounted on a single board for Arduino/pcDuino via the Linker connection.
RRP: $4.95
Linker Touch Sensor for Arduino
A capacitive touch sensor to replace a push button
RRP: $10.95
Linker Momentary Push Button Switch for Arduino
A standard 12mm square momentary button mounted for the Linker connection
RRP: $4.95
Linker High Power LED Module for Arduino
High power LED module for the Linker kit
RRP: $14.95
Linker 4-Digit 7-Segment Module for Arduino
Ideal module to use as timer or clock
RRP: $11.95
Linker LED Bar for Arduino
This LED bar is a standard Linker kit module, so it can connect to Arduino or pcDuino easily via the base shield.
RRP: $9.95
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