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3.5mm Gold Plug - 4 pole

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RRP: $4.95
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Used in audio applications....
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This Plug has a  Multatude of uses for Audio, Video and Computer Applications.

The Audio application generally use two common wiring standards.

Some Example of a Wiring Configuration 

From Apple (CTIA) & Computer Headsets

Tip (Left), Ring1 (Right), Ring 2 (Ground), Sleeve (Mic)

From Nokia / Samsung (OMTP) 

Tip (Left), Ring1 (Right), Ring 2 (Mic), Sleeve (Ground)

AV - Cables is wired for Audio Left + Right and Video

Camcorder AV

Tip (Left), Ring1 (Viideo), Ring 2 (Ground), Sleeve (Right)

Apple AV

Tip (Left), Ring1 (Right), Ring 2 (Ground), Sleeve (Video)

For Computer to USB (Android / IOS Devices)

Tip (Power) +5V),

Ring1 (Data D-),

Ring 2 (Data D+),

Sleeve (Ground 0V)


Plug or Socket Type : 3.5mm 4 Pole
Device : Plug
Pack Quantity : 1.0pc
Contacts / Pins : 1.0pc
Case Material : Plastic
Contact Material : Gold Plated

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