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Ultrasonic Antifouling Kit for Boats

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RRP: $249.00
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Reduce marine growth on the boat hull up to 8m.
Sold as - Each
Stock unit - Each


1 Year Warranty
Assembly Required

Refer: Silicon Chip Magazine May/June 2017 
This is an improved design from our popular kit (KC5498) from 2010 that helps reduce marine growth on the boat hull up to 8m. This new design has a second channel option (KC5536) for larger boats up to 14m, soft-start feature, low current drain during shut-down and LED & Neon operation indicators.

• Suitable for boats up to 14m (up to 8m with one transducer).
• Ideal for boats with single-skin glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or fibreglass, steel, aluminium or concrete hulls.
• Powered by the boat’s 12V battery.
• Adjustable low-battery shut-down
• Very low current drain during shut-down
• Soft-start feature reduces surge current.
• LED indicators for power, low battery or fault.
• Neon indicators for ultrasonic drive operation.

• Operating supply voltage: 11-16V DC
• Average current drain: typically 320mA for one transducer, 640mA for two transducers
• Peak current: 2A
• Output frequency range: 19.08kHz to 41.66kHz in 14 bands
• Frequency steps: 12 steps in each band; 80Hz steps at 20kHz increasing to 344Hz steps at 40kHz
• Signal burst period: 1000 cycle bursts ~600ms at 20kHz and ~300ms at 40kHz
• Burst interval period: between 300ms and 600ms
• Dual transducer drive: alternate
• Transducer drive voltage: 250VAC (about 700V peak-to-peak)
• Low-battery cut-out threshold: adjustable from 0-15V
• Low-battery cut-in threshold: 0-2.5V above cut-out threshold
• Low-battery shut-down quiescent current: 170uA
• Power-up delay: 30 seconds

Kit includes all specified parts to make a single channel version for boats up to 8m, including one transducer. 

To make it into a Dual Channel purchase add-on Kit KC5536 (Add-on Second Channel with Transducer)


Scale min : 40.0Hz
Scale max : 20.0kHz
Scale units : Type 0
Scale resolution : 0.0
Kit Form : Full Form (circuit and enclosure)
Kit Group : General Projects
Difficulty : Complex
Additional optional items : Second channel
Width : 80.0mm
Height : 80.0mm
Depth : 80.0mm
Dimension for : Other (details below)
Dimensions details : Included Box
Width : 171.0mm
Height : 55.0mm
Depth : 121.0mm

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