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Solar that Really Works!

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The sun god Ra has been raining down free energy for about 4.5 billion years and only in recent years have humans developed the technology to capture ...
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The sun god Ra has been raining down free energy for about 4.5 billion years and it is only in recent years that humans have developed the technology to capture it. This is an informative book that fills a previously all but unexplored need in one concisely written book. It covers everything you need to know to design a solar electrical system, for everything from a caravan to a permanent remote dwelling. It also contains specialised information for applications such as converted coaches. Solar that Really Works shows what can and can not be run from typical solar instalations as well as how to calculate energy requirements. You won't be left asking questions, as the author has everything covered!

  •  Completely revised 3rd edition
  •  Softcover, 96 pages


Physical structure : Bound back soft cover
Title : Solar That Really Works
Subject : Solar Power
Page count : 96.0 pages
Knowledge Level : Intermediate, DIY
Edition / Printing : Third Edition
ISBN : 0 9578965 6 5
Publisher : Collyn Rivers
Author : Collyn Rivers
Length : 297.0mm
Width : 210.0mm

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