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White Wine Glass Tritan Drinkware

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Fabulous Tritan® Plastic Glassware
No longer need to sacrifice style for safety!
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Fabulous Tritan® Plastic Glassware

No longer need to sacrifice style for safety!

This range of fully Australian made Glassware is by far the most stylish Drinkware in the world - designed by Marc Newson one of the Apple® designers  and creator of the iconic "Lockheed Lounge".

We have called this range of Drinkware "Crystal Tree". The main feature of the product is that it is moulded in a new proprietary thermoplastic called "Tritan". This is a co-polyester made in the USA. It does not contain BPA, a building block of polycarbonate banned in France for food containers and under review in the USA and elsewhere.

Interestingly, Tritan is actually clearer than polycarbonate and is harder wearing. They are moulded in highest quality German tool steel dies finished in most advanced and polished means possible. Each product is annealed after removing from mould to increase hardness and durability.

RTM is strongly supporting this exciting new product range.

Other key features:

  • Glass like curved shapes sit naturally in the hand
  • Low centre-of-gravity resembling the "heft" of real glass
  • Co-moulded coloured bases in attractive colours. Have built-in coasters
  • Non-slip base insert
  • Completely unbreakable and totally dishwasher safe in normal use
  • Green model has slight glow-in-the-dark capability

Now there is no reason to compromise safety around pools or travelling with this incredibly stylish product.

Details of range:

Highball/Regular Drink Tumbler

This product will hold a generous 425ml and therefore is ideal for soft drinks, mineral water, beer or ice cube drinks. It features a base in 4 distinctive colours with a built-in non-slip coaster. Stackable for efficient storage in confined spaces.

The green base has a delightful glow-in-the-dark feature (in darkened conditions)

TCG278 White Base 425ml
TCG279 Dark Blue Base 425ml
TCG280 Green (Glow-in-the-Dark) Base 425ml
TCG281 Light Blue Base 425ml


Standard Wine Glass 300ml

Similar features to above, and ideal for white or red wine and soft drinks.

TCG284 White Base 300ml
TCG285 Dark Blue Base 300ml
TCG286 Green (Glow-in-the-Dark) Base - 300ml
TCG287 Light Blue Base 300ml


Champagne Flute - 180ml

Similar features to above, including safety non-slip base. Ideal around swimming pools.

TCG290 White Base 180ml
TCG291 Dark Blue Base 180ml
TCG292 Green (Glow-in-the-Dark) Base 180ml
TCG293 Light Blue Base 180ml


You will be so delighted with these products you will want them in your boat, caravan - but especially your swimming pool! Check the savings you can make by purchasing in quantity. Don"t forget! These make ideal gifts.


Height : 165.0mm
Weight : 95.0g
Liquid Volume : 300.0ml
Diameter : 75.0mm
Colour : Colourless
Type : Wine Glass
Material : Tritan
Amount of Pieces : 1

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